Beginning in 1991, we began offering cartridges for laser printers. In time, our customers machines began to break down; and, in the early days of laser printers, the cost of a machine was very high. We began repairing machines: fusers, delivery rollers and other occasional problems. Soon, ink cartridges emerged and we continued to expand, offering ink cartridges to those customers that wanted them. Subsequently, color toner cartridges came along and we adapted to those as well. We do our best to give our customers what they want. 
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2624 Lavery Court #208, Newbury Park, CA 91320
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Our customers include U.S. and California State government entities, large corporations, office supply companies, medium & small businesses and individuals. We have processed orders of 900 cartridges and orders of only 1 cartridge.
What you want is what you get from us.
To be environmentally responsible, we prefer to recycle empty cartridges.   For 8 years we participated in California's Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP), and each year were recipients of the award.
California Certified Small Business #1596674
GSA Contract: pending
NAICS code: 811219      CAGE code: 6ZQR1